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Beginners Guide To Texas Hold’em Poker

There comes a time in every person’s life when the curiosity finally grabs hold of them and they decide to play poker. Not just any type of poker though, Texas Hold’em poker. One of the most widely played card games in the world you can find this game in just about every casino on earth. Huge tournaments are played every year with major prizes being won.
This is incredibly exciting but if you have never sat at a poker table it can be a bit overwhelming. In this article we are going to give you an overview of the game, it’s history, and how to play it so you can enter the casino confidently next time you go.

Overview of Texas Hold’em Poker and it’s History

Texas Hold’em is a variant of the game poker where players are dealt two personal cards and there an additional five cards dealt called community cards throughout the game. As rounds progress players take turns either betting, calling, raising, or folding. This particular variant of poker has been around since the early 1900s at least and has since gained worldwide popularity. It was widely enjoyed throughout the 1opps in various parts of the world but truly became a global phenomenon in the 2000s. The new technology that allowed people to share information instantly around the world and watch poker tournaments and even play with other people competitively around the world right in there home by playing online.
There is a basic set of rules to the game that is fairly easy to follow but you will need to learn a few new terms first. The goal of the game is to have the highest-scoring hand at the end of the round.

Important Terms to Understand

Poker is a fairly simple game once you have a little experience but there are several terms that you need to learn before you step into a casino and sit at the table. Betting structures There are typically three ways the bets of a Texas Hold’em game are organized. There are no limit, pot limit, and limit Texas Hold’em variants. These all control the way that players are allowed to place bets and how the pot is distributed at the end. Lear. All three so you are prepared for anything. Play of the hand refers to the flow of the games as it progresses through turns to complete a round.

The game begins with the dealer shuffling and dealing two cards to each player face down. Only the player is allowed to see their cards. There is then the pre-flop bet placing. Players go one by one and place bets than the dealer places three cards face up in the centre. This is the flop. After the flop is another round of betting followed by the dealer placing two more individual cards one by one on the table face up with additional bets placed between each round. The fourth and fifth cards are called the turn and river respectively. If more than one player is remaining at the end of the round then the game will progress to its next phase.

The showdown occurs at the very end of a Texas Hold’em game and it only occurs when there are more than two players after the bets following the river. Players will take turns building the highest scoring combination of cards using the cards in their hand and the ones on the table. Players create the best 5 card combination from the 7 total cards. The winner is the one whose hand scores the highest number of points. If there is a tie then the pot is split. Hand values The point value of your hand is determined by the numerical value of the cards typically along with a few special hands. In order of increasing point value, the cards are as follows. The high card is the lowest value hand, then it is a pair of two identical cards, then two pairs and three pairs.

Next is the straight, then flush and full house. A straight is a sequence of 5 cards in numerical order regardless of suit. A flush is 5 cards of the same suit. A full house is three of a kind and a pair together. The top 3 highest point value hands are going to be four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush. Four of a kind is 4 cards of the same face value. A straight flush is 5 cards in order numerically of the same suit. The royal flush is a straight flush made of only cards from ten to ace. Misdeal Finally, the misdeal is what happens if the players’ cards are dealt face up at the start of the game. If this happens the dealer should recollect the cards and start again by shuffling the cards.

How To Be Prepared Next Time You Walk in The Casino

Now that you have a solid grasp of the fundamental rules and terminology of Texas Hold’em style poker you are probably ready to get your feet wet and start playing. Before you jump the gun and get in over your head take a minute and read these top 3 tips for playing Texas Hold’em as a beginner.

Don’t forget there are two ways to win

You do not have to play every hand to the end to win. If you are an aggressive player it is possible to get all of your opponents to fold before the river is dealt. If this happens then you automatically win the competition. Otherwise, you will have to face the players in the showdown to win. More adept players can start to play on human psychology to win hands when they have inferior cards.

Stay Focused and Calm

There is a tendency for newcomers to underestimate the power that your emotions will have on you when you are at the table. It is of paramount importance that when you are at the table you maintain control over yourself. The dealer doesn’t deal with his cards because you feel lucky they are dealt from the deck according to how they were shuffled. All too often new players get overexcited after getting on their first winning streak begin acting overzealous and wind up losing everything in the end only to walk away disappointed with the whole experience. If they had only maintained control and been calm and focused at the table they could have made much better decisions.

Do not let negativity affect you

Finally, you are going to lose. You will lose many times. But the only way that you will not win is if you never play again. A lot of players experience a significant negative emotional shock after losing a big hand. This is a tough blow to your psyche only more so if you were on a hot streak. Do not let it affect you. Learn more and study more then go back out and win what you lost.

Understanding Online Casino Bonuses

The Casino Bonus: How To Dissect Your Bonuses and More  

Most players are going to find about five casino bonuses. These vary from Casino to Casino and often times there may be several types of bonuses to choose from at the one location so knowing them and which one to pick is important. 

1) Free Bonus

The no deposit bonus is a free bonus. It comes when you register. The great thing is you do not have to deposit to receive it. The only trick is you have to register. The casino is not going to hand you one out of the goodness of its heart.

2) Match Bonus

The second one is called the match bonus. The casino is going to match your initial deposit with a fixed amount. The casino might also add to it.

3) Cashback Bonus

The third style of bonus is cashback. This one confuses some people, so I will try to explain it as best I can. The casino will take your losses and wins and give you money back on them. The money is going to be there usually the day after.

4) Reload Bonus

The fourth style of bonus is the reload bonus. This is similar to the match bonus you get, but this is reserved only for existing companies. The only downside is the reload bonus is(for the most part) a bit lower than the other bonuses.

5) Loyalty Bonus

The fifth and final bonus is the loyalty bonus, and, yes, it means what the name implies. The loyalty bonus mostly involves free spins, gifts, and free money based on how much you play.

Some Great Bonus Tips For Maximizing Your Winnings

1) The first thing you want is to check the amount and per cent of the bonus. According to most online casinos, the company will match your per cent by about 100%. Some casinos that go up to 150-200%. Some casinos offer something called an unlimited bonus. That is also why (once again) you need to check the balance information and percentage. Make sure the casino is allocating the correct per cent to you (based on their terms and conditions).

2) There is something called the terms and conditions. You need to read it (or at least most of it). One of the reasons is for the bonus money. Players tend to forget about the wagering requirements with bonus money or deposit information. They automatically think the money is going to come to them. Some casinos expect you to wager a certain amount before they hand over the money. Most casinos expect you to wager between 25-50 times the bonus amount. It is essential to read about wagering requirements for the casino. 

3) The next thing to talk about is taking advantage of the system. Yes, some players do that. Some even do it without realizing it. Casinos love new players. The casino will go to great lengths to please the player. However, there is such a thing as “abusing the system”. That is why the casino has additional rules. One of those rules is to not exceed the maximum stakes thing. Players who do exceed their limits will pay a penalty, including having their bonus money taken away. That is why you must abide by the rules when trying to understand casino bonuses.

4) To get a better understanding of casino bonuses you should try the low and medium-sized variances first. Now, some argue that you do not get the big wins doing that. Yes, that is true, to a certain degree. You might not get a larger pot but you will be learning and earning your way. You will get to the point where you reach the playthrough limit before you start zeroing out. Two examples of low-to-medium variances are Alladin’s Treasure and Queen of Gold.

5) Another trick to understanding casino bonuses is to know which ones will work for or against you. That means you can decline a bonus if you want. Knowing which bonuses are good to use will help you avoid similar traps other players have fallen into. Say, for example, you have a bonus that expects you to wager before it is given to you. You can turn that down. You can choose something that lets you use the money at your discretion. You do not have to take every bonus that comes down the pike. That is how some players get into the fix they are in.

6) There is such a thing as free spins without a wagering requirement. Use those as much as you can. They are free. They also afford you the chance to try new games without having to deposit anything first. The other great thing is that any money you win from the free spins without wagering can be yours right away.

7) Do some research into the best bonuses out there for you. There are many online Casino Bonuses in Canada so it is important to find the best one that suits the type of player you are. Shop around, claim your bonus and hopefully win big.

A Beginner’s Guide to Baccarat

So you’re looking to learn about the legendary game of Baccarat, are you? A very enticing and profitable casino game meant to bring about the right bets, at the right times, for the best jump-off on gains for the beginner and expert alike. Although the expert player is sure to make quite a bit more, you must begin to learn the basics fast, and with this article, you are sure to find the right information on Casino Baccarat. Unlike most casino games that have more chances for the house to take your money, Baccarat is a fifty-fifty chance of win or loss, or player vs. banker. In this article, not only will you be learning the basics, but a few tips on becoming the next up and coming Baccarat expert and play like you should be in no time.

To start, it’s vital to know how the cards play out, and how they dealt. The dealer, will upon the beginning of the game, will burn 3-4 cards, before even dealing out the first hand. It’s important to note that there are 80 hands in a deck to doll out throughout the game, so keep that in mind as you coordinate your strategies. The cards, two through seven, are regular cards and are equal as such. The ten, jack, queen, and king, equivocate to zero, so in all regards, it’s null and void. The Eight and Nine are what as known as a natural eight, or natural nice, respectively. The Nine is the best care you can have in any single hand, granted a face card is there to keep it from going over nine.

Now, this is where Baccarat can become a bit tricky, and must be followed closely, to give you an understanding of the game. Let’s take, for example, two hands that will be shown below to give you a proper take on what is expected to see.

Example 1

The player is dealt two cards to the left of his vision, given it is a miniature Baccarat table, or in general, the player’s cards will be dealt from left to right on a full table. The cards are a two of hearts and a six of diamonds, equaling a natural eight, or one of the winning hands of the game, just behind a natural nine. The dealer then produces two more cards, from left to right, turning them over to reveal a seven of spades and a two of diamonds, equaling a nine. Now, if the nine were not dealt, then you would have had a winning natural eight, but the dealer pulled a natural nine, therefore winning the hand. You have lost the bet. Here’s the mathematical equation in case it doesn’t make sense, found below:

Player: 2 + 6 = Natural 8

Dealer: 7 + 2 = Natural 9

Dealer wins the hand. Natural 9 beats Natural 8.

Example 2

Now, here is another example wherein it can get a bit tricky, yet still offering you a chance to see the fast-moving game of Baccarat in a way that brings some form of simplicity to the equation. The dealer places two cards, from left to right, to the player and it comes to a four of hearts and a king of spades. The player now has an amount of four, the king equaling zero, and still needs another card that will be produced after the dealer lays his that may or may not equal over the amount of eight or nine. The dealer then produces his cards, a seven of clubs and an eight of diamonds, equaling to fifteen normally. In the game of Baccarat, however, you would remove any number over nine, therefore the dealer went over the amount of nine. The player is now dealt another card, a four of spades, equaling a natural eight. The player then wins, however, the betting system even if you are the player, and had bet on the dealer, you would have lost your bet which will be talked about in a moment. Here is the mathematical equation behind this example, found below:

Player: 4 + King(0) + 4 = Natural 8

Dealer: 7 + 8 = Over the Natural 9 is Loss.

After seeing these examples, it is easy to see just how simple the game of Baccarat is, but then the part on betting comes into play, which isn’t hard, but it can be tricky as well. There is a One to One ratio or a fifty per cent chance of win and loss. There are three bets to be had: Player, Dealer, or Tie. If you’re the player, yet bet on the dealer’s hand and you win the hand, the dealer still takes your money, because you did not bet on your own. This can be vice versa as well, although there is the tie bet as well, which most casinos offer an eight to one or nine to one bet depending on what casino you visit, which is a very rare bet to come on with. It’s best, for a beginner and just starting, to play your bets as either player or dealer the entirety of the game, because out of eighty hands, you have a strong chance of getting the win fifty per cent of the time. It’s a safe bet, but it’s worth it for small gains and long sits at the table for an overall fun game.

Baccarat in and of itself is a very easy and simple game to master, and with the right tactics coming into it, could become very profitable. There are also side bets such as dragon and ox which can offer big gains but once again, to be safe it’s sometimes best to stay out of the side bets. It’s noteworthy to say that one doesn’t want to underachieve his or her chances at winning when there is already a fifty per cent chance. If you would like to go extreme, then there is always the Martingale betting process, but that is an entirely different system in and of itself. Baccarat is a great game to learn, coming in just under Blackjack and Texas Hold-em, making it an extravagant, yet less daring game to enjoy by yourself or with up to fourteen players beside you. No one can bet to mess up your hand, so it’s only you and the dealer, granted you pick no side bets that increase your gains and decrease your chances of winning in the process. Will you be the next Baccarat expert, and wow your friends at the table? If you read this to its entirety, then you are already well on your way. May luck be on your side, and with the right betting system, you will go far in the gambling world.

How To Gamble

Before you start gambling in any casino, it is important to learn the basics. The more you know about doing this, the better off you will be. Making even one seemingly small mistake when gambling can have devastating consequences.

Remember the House Edge

You always want to keep in mind that the house always has the edge in any casino game. There are, however, some games that have a lower house edge than others. For example, blackjack has a fairly low house edge compared to most other games.

Determine How Much You Can Lose

Another crucial aspect of gambling is determining how much money you can afford to lose. Once you have done this, you will be able to figure out what you can spend on each game in a casino. This takes a lot of the stress out of gambling, which is definitely a good thing. It’s also a good idea to only bring cash to a casino so that you aren’t tempted to keep taking out more money. This will help you stay within your budget.

Choose the right Games

In order to choose the right games to play in a casino, you need to know what your goal is. If you just want an easy game that is a lot fun, you might want to focus on the video slots or roulette wheel. If you are interested in playing a card game, blackjack is a good choice. There is also video poker, which is kind of the best of both worlds.

Develop a Sound Strategy

If you are going to play a game that requires skill, you’ll need to develop a solid strategy beforehand. This will drastically increase your chances of making money. While you are still at the mercy of Lady Luck to some degree, this will help you out a lot.

Learn the Rules Beforehand

You also want to have a firm grasp of the rules before playing any game. This will make it a lot easier to have fun and possible win some money. If you still aren’t sure about how exactly to play a certain game, just ask the dealer to walk you through. Make sure that you don’t choose a busy time to do this, as the dealer won’t be as capable of helping you.


Know when to Walk Away

It can be easy to keep going when you are on a “hot streak” with a certain game, but it is not going to last. You need to know when to just walk away and cash out your winnings. This will help save you from a lot of frustrating and massive losses.

Practice Proper Gambling Etiquette

If you are going to gamble in an actual casino as opposed to online, there are some etiquette tips to keep in mind. For example, you should only sit down at a table unless you plan on playing. You should only sit down at a card game after the current hand is finished. You also don’t want to touch any of your winnings until they have been counted on by the dealer.

Best Casino Games for Beginners & How to Gamble in Vegas

Gamble in Vegas

If you don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to casino games, there are some options that are better than others. It is important that you learn about these options before stepping foot in a casino. This information will help you decide which games are going to offer you the most fun and entertainment.


You will be able to find tons of different slot machines in any Las Vegas casino. Slots are excellent for anyone who has never gambled in their life. There are a wide variety of them to choose from as well. You will be able to find video slots, reel slots, and other options. They offer bonuses and jackpots that will allow you to have a lot of fun and possible win lots of money.

Video Keno

Gambling beginners in Vegas should also consider trying out Video Keno. One of the great things about this game is that it allows you to decide the odds you want to bet against. You begin by choosing a maximum of ten numbers to bet on. There is some strategy involved in this game, but a lot of it is just luck. It makes for a very enjoyable and immersive gambling experience to say the least.


The game of Roulette has some very simple rules that are incredibly easy to remember. You start off by putting your chips on a certain number, which serves as your inside bet. You have the option of betting on red, black, odd, or even. Some parts of the roulette wheel have bigger payouts than others, so you’ll need to keep that in mind.

Gambling in Vegas

There are a few important things to keep in mind when gambling in Vegas. These tips will help you to have a good time while possibly winning some money.

Establish a Budget

It is essential that you determine how much money you want to spend before you go to any casino. This will make it a lot easier for you to rein yourself in.

Start off Slow

If you are playing a game that you are unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to start off slowly. This means not placing a huge wager the first time you play.

Join a Player’s Club

Most Vegas casinos have player’s clubs for various games that will reward you just for playing. These rewards can vary from free hotel stays to food vouchers. If you are planning on playing a good amount at a certain casino, this is something to look into.

Look for Games You will Enjoy

It is important that you find games that you are actually going to enjoy playing in the casino. This will allow you to have a good time while increasing your chances of winning money. The more you actually enjoy a game, the more likely you will be to do well at it. There is no point in playing any game in Vegas if you aren’t having a good time.

History of Table Games

Table games are very popular in casinos today, but they have a long and fascinating history. If you enjoy playing these games, you’ll probably be interested to learn about just how far back in history they go.

Ancient Board Games

The ancient Egyptians are known to have played a number of board games, which they themselves came up with. There is one game called Senet that was played on a gridded board that features three by ten tows of boxes. Each player had a total of seven pieces, which consisted of everything from animal bones to sticks.


The game that we now know as poker is most likely derived by a Spanish game that was started in the 1500s. This game was known as Primero, and it became wildly popular in France by the 1800s. It didn’t take long before this game made its way over to the United States, where many variations were eventually created.


Blackjack is yet another very popular casino tabletop game, and it can be traced back to the 1700s. While the origins of this table game are a bit mysterious, we do know that it likely started in France. Eventually, French settlers introduced this game to United States when settlers came over in the early 1900s.


Baccarat has been played for a long time now, and its origins go all the way back to the 1400s. It wasn’t until hundreds of years later that this game started being played by people all around the world. Back in the 1700s, baccarat was a very popular game among the French aristocracy. It was once considered a game for the upper class only.

Dice Games

There are numerous popular dice games today, and they have been played by people for many thousands of years. In fact, lots of historians believe that these games are rooted in sacred Aztec rituals. This civilization used dice as a means of trying to bring fire from the bodies of those who were sacrificed to the Gods.

Dice games are also associated with the Ancient Romans all the way back to 4th century C.E. This is by far one of the oldest table games in history, and they have been played by numerous ancient civilizations. While early modern dice games were played with loaded dice, this is no longer the case. Craps and other dice games are extremely popular in just about every casino all over the world.


Roulette has become a mainstay in land and online casinos in the modern world. This game of chance comes from 18th-century France. The very first written rules of this game go back to 1796, but many variations of it were played throughout Europe in the past. The first roulette wheels had 0 and 00 symbols on them, which is still the case today. Wheels with just one zero on them didn’t exist until the mid-19th century. With the introduction of the double zero wheel came a significant edge for the house.

The 7 Most Popular Casino Games in Las Vegas

Popular Casino

Las Vegas offers a huge variety of games for people to play, but some of them are more popular than others. If you are going to visit a Las Vegas casino in the near future, it is a good idea to find out what your options are.

  1. Slots

There is no question that slot machines make up a huge portion of the average casino’s revenue. The main reason that these games have become so popular is because they are very simple and easy to play. They offer progressive jackpots, which can provide you with huge winnings. There are traditional slot machines as well as video slots that you can play.

  1. Blackjack

Blackjack is another popular casino game that is a lot of fun. It also comes with a relatively low house edge, which is something to consider. There are tons of variations of blackjack, each of which has their own rules. If you want to play a card game that gives you a decent chance of winning, this is a great option to look into.

  1. Roulette

Lots of people also really enjoy playing roulette, which is very simple and thrilling. You just need to guess where the ball is going to land. It is pretty much a game of chance, but it can be a lot of fun to say the least. Just choose a number for the ball to land on and hope that it is yours.

  1. Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a type of poker that has you play against just the house. You get seven cards and must put together the best 5-card hand and 2-card hand to win. Your 5-card hand needs to have a higher overall value than the other 2-card hand. If your hands are better than the dealer’s, you win.

  1. Keno

Keno is also incredibly popular in casinos, and it has the potential for big winnings. All you have to do is choose a series numbers and see the ones that are called match up with what you have chosen.


  1. Craps

Craps is yet another great Las Vas casino game that can be a lot of fun for many different people. While it might seem a little intimidating at first, you will quickly get over that once you start playing. It all comes down to the luck of the dice, and it can be a real thrill ride for gamblers.

  1. Baccarat

Baccarat has been a very popular game in casinos for a long time, and for good reason. You get two hands and place your bet. The hand of yours that is closest to nine is the winner. One of the best things about this game is that it is so easy to play. There aren’t a lot of complicated rules to worry about. It is really no wonder that so many people who walk into Las Vegas casinos end up going right for the baccarat tables.

The 7 Most Popular Casino Games in Las Vegas

Bustling with its lights, amazing food, flashing streets and top-class restaurants, Las Vegas has it all. Whether, you’re willing to gamble in a nice casino or you want some time away from your work, or want to enjoy nice food, Vegas is your destination. Not only that, it offers you a glimpse of the world in a beautiful city. No other city of the world can match up to the elegance of Las Vegas. It’s also the favorite spot of the gambling crowd. There are so many casinos that it would take a lifetime just to decide which one to get in and who wouldn’t dream of hitting a jackpot. You don’t want to go back home empty-handed if you’ve come to vegas, you got to take back a few things from the city and leave your heart in the city.



Who doesn’t know about Blackjack? It remains to be the top choice of card players. You can find this game being played on any table due to its wide popularity and low house edge. The 21 is must when you hit a Casino in vegas but anyways if you went to Vegas, why wouldn’t you hit a Casino anyway. There may be variations in different games but that’s what makes it more beautiful, after all, you’re in Vegas, expect something ridiculously different, and elegant. And when it comes to 21, no one can steal its place.

Slot machines:

Slots are easy and fun. You have to spin. No more need for calculations and thinking. If you’re playing for a progressive jackpot, your maximized number of spins can increase your chances of winning and Las Vegas is full of different slot machines which not only provide an enhanced experience but also can hit you back with a jackpot.

Pai Gow poker:

It’s a combination of the poker hand and Chinese Pai Gow Poker. The rules to play are simple. You don’t play against other players but the house. You are dealt with seven cards and you need to form your best 2 card poker in one hand and 5-card poker in another. The 5-card poker should be higher than your 2-card. Both of your hands should beat that of dealers. Just in case, your one hand beats the dealer’s hands, it’s considered a draw or both of you are equal, the dealer gets the upper hand and wins.


This is one of the easiest games to have ever existed. All you need to presume is that where the ball will launch after the dealer spins the wheel. The bet is placed before spinning the wheel if the ball lands on your number, you won. It’s that simple and a game little or no calculations.


If lotto is your jam, Keno will be your favorite. You are required to pick a Keno card which has numbers 1-80 on it. Depending on the type of card, you’re allowed to mark 10-20 numbers on it and place your bet that can be as low as $2. Then you have to give your card to the Keno worker against a receipt. Then the automatic Keno machine will select random numbers, and if your numbers match with that of the machine you won. Submit your ticket and take it home.



Las Vegas is a bustling place with a huge option for recreational activities. From nice food and elegant restaurant, its skyrocketing casinos and fancy slot machines, are just small strands of a bigger package. Often known as the sin city, its reputation in the casino business is exposed to all, not just the high-end poker games but also slot machines that hit millions in the jackpot. Casino games in Las Vegas are akin to breathing and you can’t resist but at least snuck into a casino out of curiosity. Whether you’re a beginner or you are out for business, the house has its charm to attract you. Not only can you play, but the elegance of the house can make you enjoy royalty in its purest form. It’s these standards and qualities that make Vegas a destination for the gambling and card-playing crowd across the world.

Casino Table Games vs Machines

When you visit a casino, there will be lots of different games to choose from. There are the machine games or slots, and the table games. It is important that you learn about these options so you can choose the right ones to play.

The House Edge

One of the most important things to consider about casino games is that the house always has an edge on the players. There are, however, some games with a bigger house edge than others. Slot machines are known for having a fairly big edge, but it depends on the machine you play.

Table games also come with a significant house edge, but there are certain ones that avail players a better chance of winning than others. For example, blackjack has a pretty low house edge when compared to other table games.

Entertainment Factor

It is also important to consider the entertainment factor before you decide between machines or table games in a casino. There are a lot of video slots that can provide you with hours of entertainment. Slot machines have a fast-paced nature that is very appealing to a lot of players. There are other people who find some table games to be entertaining, especially roulette and craps.

Making Your Money Last

If you don’t want to lose your money too quickly, you might want to avoid any games that are extremely fast-paced. Slot machines can be fun, but you can lose a ton of money in a very short period of time.

Keep in mind that a majority of table games are much slower-paced than machines, so your money lasts a lot longer with them. It is also a lot easier to keep track of how much you are spending at table games. If you are on a tight budget, you will definitely want to consider playing table games over machines.


Those who want to play casino games that require strategy will find that table games have a lot to offer. The fact is that slots and other machine games don’t typically require any skill at all. It all comes down to a matter of chance. While this can definitely be exciting on numerous levels, it doesn’t require you to use any strategy.

Betting Limits

There is usually a good amount of flexibility when it comes to betting with machine games. You will be able to find lots of penny slots that don’t require you to submit a very large minimum bet. You can get just fifty cents per spin, which is much cheaper than playing most table games. You’ll want to consider what your budget is like before making a decision.

Final Thoughts

Some people will get more from playing table games, while others will benefit from the machines. Each of these options has something different to offer. If you want to spread your money out and make it last, table games are the way to go. Slot machines can be a lot of fun, but they eat your money up very quickly.

Five memorable Las Vegas casino heists

Las Vegas casino

Las Vegas is a casino city and where there is a casino, the money keeps stacking up. The house transacts and deals millions of Dollars in a day. Apart from its bustling lights and elegant appearance, the house has to deal with a lot of complications to secure the interests of the customers and itself. The heists are rare in a casino and gone are the days when robbers marched inside the business establishments and stole money at the muzzle of their gun. Today, casinos take extra care in securing their premises and high-end security with technological advancements makes Casinos, secure equivalent to your bank. It’s impossible to rob a Casino these days, CCTV’s, high-end security, secure payouts, and extra security is what every casino brands on. People need their money to be safe, and if they just got a moneybag, it would be heartbreaking if someone stole it. Most of the Casinos spend time and effort in providing training and gears to its staff in case of an emergency and unlike the old days, security is much more friendly and efficient, making disappear all of the worries regarding an untoward incident. The pas events will remain to be history and new incidents like these are unlikely to happen again.


Bellagio robbery of 2010:

The robbery refers to December 15, when a motorcyclist robbed the house of $1.5 million chips. The person was arrested in August 2011 and awarded a sentence of 9 years in prison. Anthony Carleo was also made to pay $18,945 which he had stolen from a nearby Suncoast cashier. The chips that couldn’t be recovered went soon out of value because the Casino house stopped using them.

The circus theft:

The heist was pulled off by Roberto Solis and his girlfriend Heather Tallchief stealing $2.5 Million in 1993 from Circus Casino, Las Vegas. The lady was employed as a driver by Loomis when she drove off with the truck loaded with cash for the casino. The couple had reportedly fled to the Netherlands and remained out of reach for about 12 years until Heather surrendered to the police. She claimed that Roberto didn’t pay him any money. Roberto remains untraced till now.


Las Vegas- Soboba Casino:

In 2007, Soboba Casino in Las Vegas was robbed of whopping $1.5 million by an employee Rolando L. Ramos along with his accomplice Eric Alan Aguilera. Ramos’ job was to set up the security cameras in the casino, the job that acted as instrumental in disabling the security during the robbery. However, Ramos was arrested by police soon and Augileria after few days with $500,000 inside her flat.


Australia – Crown casino:

In 2013, two casino employees tried to pull off a heist of $32million. The idea was to feed the information to the high roller and take the money, but as soon as the robbery was discovered, the game was ceased and employees suspended. The high-roller was let go.

London Ritz Casino:

This was probably the most high-tech heist the casino world ever saw. The trio – two men and women – used a cellphone, a laser, and computer to pull off a hefty amount of $1.9 million on a Roulette table in 2004 in London Ritz casino. The group was able to detect the speed and orbit of the ball and its possible outcome. They succeeded in making the most accurate bets on where the ball would land. The trio was arrested but later let off after a Judge concluded they hadn’t committed a crime. They were allowed to keep the winnings but banned from every casino in London.



A casino is a safe place and almost as safe as your bank. The heists are rare and don’t happen often. However, there have been various instances like these that have irked the casino owners and forced them to make more advancements towards their security. After all, they deal with money and money attracts people. Casino games in Las Vegas are not just fun but also most secure if you talk about hand-outs and payouts. The rare incidents shouldn’t discourage you from stepping in a casino, you might miss out on the best experience of a lifetime.

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