Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fourth Annual Paradise Palms North vs. South Bowling Challenge

April 24th 2015 marked the Fourth Annual Paradise Palms North vs. South Bowling Challenge. Palmers who live north of Desert Inn Road bowled against Palmers who live south of Desert Inn Road. Southside/Northside rivalries heated up, and the Paradise Palms Drinking Team was there the root on both side of the ‘hood. Southern Dan C. was the high-scorer of the night, with a 185 bowled in the first game, while Northerner Ian F. was the runner-up with a 176 bowled in the second game. In the end, once again, the Northerners mysteriously won for a fourth straight year in a row, 139 to 132. Go Northside! 

North & South hitting the lanes

The Paradise Palms Drinking Team cheers on the bowlers

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Las Vegas National Golf Social

October 1965 "Fabulous Las Vegas" Magazine with a fantastic shot of the Martin Stern-designed Sands Tower still under construction 

Great memorabilia - Thanks for sharing Roy!
1962 Las Vegas Road Map - Paradise Palms is just getting started!