Friday, October 2, 2015

Tropical Estates in Paradise Palms - The Geneva

The Geneva is the third of four featured Tropical Estates Models in Paradise Palms. Noted as "a true example of the architect's loving care in molding the exterior detail to fit the mood of Tropical Estate Homes," the "beauty of the interior plan is so simple and functional that if fits the comfort and convenience of the most exacting family." Two defining features of this model were the separate dressing area with sink in the master bedroom and uniquely midcentury square bath tub in the master bathroom. Also interesting to note is that the floor plan depicts a single-entry front door, while the elevation drawing depicts a double door. The built versions that we've seen have a single-entry door. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Tropical Estates in Paradise Palms - The Islander

The Islander is the second of four featured Tropical Estates models in Paradise Palms. With "sleek low lines", the Islander "leaves little to be desired in impressive, functional housing." The Islander also features one of Tropical Estates' other architectural hallmarks - indoor planters in the bathrooms. Note the angled foyer/kitchen which gives unique identity to these homes, along with the private front patio.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Tropical Estates in Paradise Palms - The Tropicana

First up for the four pictured Tropical Estates models is the Tropicana, designed as "the ultimate in picturesque architecture." With a split plan and decorative shadow block wall, this home offers "an unequaled planned interior". The screen detailing and wagon in the carport are pretty fantastic too. 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tropical Estates in Paradise Palms

Thanks to UNLV Special Collections the Tropical Estates sales brochure has now been found. Tropical Estates is located roughly between Algonquin Drive, Ottawa Drive, Spencer Street and Pawnee Drive, and was built by Val and Lee Valentine, builders of the The Casino House.

Tropical Estates Location Map
There are approximately 101 Tropical Estates Homes in Paradise Palms which incorporate some of the most unique decorative concrete screen block found in the neighborhood. Other defining features of Tropical Estates include screened front patios/courtyards, sprawling ranch-style architecture, large sunken roman tubs in the master baths and double-door entries to the master bedroom. There were four initial semi-custom models available in Tropical Estates, which will be shared in separate upcoming posts. Here's a look at the original brochure, feature list, vignettes and location map.